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2018-19 Academic Year Orientation Session of School of Management and Economics

  • 2018.09.04
  • News
School of Management and Economics (SME) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, welcomed the new class of 2018 class in early autumn.










At 8:30 am on Sep 1, SME orientation was held in the Liwen Building. Over six hundred new students wearing SME

uniforms came to the venue delighted to attend the orientation session. 



SME Executive Associate Dean, Prof. Bohui Zhang


SME Executive Associate Dean, Prof. Bohui Zhang delivered the opening speech and extended his warm and sincere welcome to all new students. He appreciated that the new students chose the university and hoped they would have a great experience in the coming four years. After the introduction of Prof. Bohui Zhang, SME Academic Dean, Prof. Wei Xiong gave the welcome speech. He said students had to forget college entrance examinations and start the journey of university study. New students should have initiative to study on their own, instead of being forced by other people. Dean Wei Xiong also emphasized the importance of planning a career early, meeting new friends and getting help from other people.

SME Dean Wei Xiong


After Dean Wei Xiong finished his speech, SME Assistant Dean (Academic) Prof. Jian Wang talked about the quality of the SME faculty. Through charts and facts, he introduced the academic standards and research areas of the various professors at SME. Prof. Wang also noted that the total number of faculty members had increased from 45 in 2017 to 62 in 2018. They had received their Ph.D. degrees from the universities in the US, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong, and made great contributions to their fields. Afterwards, each faculty member came to the stage and introduced his/her academic background, research interests and courses that he/she would teach. They also expressed welcome to all new students.

SME Assistant Dean (Academic) Prof. Jian Wang


SME Assistant Dean (undergraduate courses) Dr. Lawrence Khoo explained majors and related courses for new students.

He first listed the study tasks that the students had to complete in the coming four years. Second, he took the study plans made by senior students as examples to provide further explanation. He also emphasized the academic regulation of SME, and the fact that students must be responsible for their academic grades.

SME Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Courses) Dr. Lawrence Khoo


Afterwards, Dean Wei Xiong presented the students in the 2017-2018 Dean’s list. The student representative, Wen Shui, with major in global business management, was the winner of the 2017-2018 academic scholarship. She shared her study experience and tips on study, life and extracurricular activities. She said new students should make study plans independently and keep the balance between studying and other activities. In addition, she believed it was easy to make friends in campus and encouraged new students to manage their social network.  

The student representative Wen Shui


SME Assistant Dean (Students’ Affairs) Prof. Stella So introduced the case competition and student clubs. She said student activities helped our students to grow healthily and happily.  Prof. Stella So showed the performance of senior students in L’Oreal Brainstorm, HSBC Case Competition and CFA Institute Research Challenge. She also introduced the five student clubs, Supply Chain and Logistics Management (SCLM), Marketing, Consulting, Accounting and Financial. All these activities could provide platforms to help our students explore their talents.

SME Assistant Dean (Students Affairs) Prof. Stella So


Director of the Career Development Center (CDC), Maxine Luo, introduced the CDC and also gave some advice to students. She also introduced her colleagues in the CDC and each person’s key role.

Director of the Career Development Center (CDC)  Maxine Luo


SME Senior Associate Dean (Teaching and Education), Prof. Michael Ferguson delivered the closing speech. He said it was necessary for graduates to find the career they are interested in and independently make a plan about their future.  He also encouraged students to participate in group discussion and business competition to learn how to cooperate with others. For those who planned to pursue further study, he suggested they make a long-term study plan according to the research program of the targeted university.      

SME Senior Associate Dean (Teaching and Education)  Prof. Michael Ferguson


Librarian, Ms. Joan Chen introduced the university library.

Ms. Joan Chen


Ms. Hui Pang from School of Humanities and Social Science (HSS) introduced Self-Access Language Learning (SALL) Centre as one which could provide diverse and practical guidance for students to improve their English and adopt the English-taught model.

Ms. Hui Pang


After the session ended, all new students, dean’s list students, exchange students and faculty members took a photo to record such a significant moment.

SME Dean with Dean's list students


SME faculty members with international exchange students


To help new students adopt to the university life, the School held the academic advisory activity and tea break in the afternoon.