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Night Talks | How to Study During Freshman Year?

  • 2018.09.19
  • News
Only with the guidance of a resourceful and patient teacher, students can feel welcomed and well-informed. On September 13th, the students of Diligentia College were fortunate to have the thirteenth night talk with a great teacher, Dr. Yu Xiaoming, to learn how to study during their freshman year.


Freshman Year Begins by Learning More about Each Other

Students of different backgrounds left their hometowns to join the University and meet new peers from all over the world. How to adapt to and intergrade into the new environment can be the first lesson to learn upon arrival. Thus, Mr. Yu took the opportunity to help students get acquainted with each other and blend in. In the beginning of the night talk, Mr. Yu gave the microphone to the students, letting everyone introduce themselves and their hometowns’ history and current situation. The students from all corners of the country with different accents, but the same pride talked about famous local products and cultures. Just in a short time, everyone was as confident and caring as the 108 brothers in the China’s great classical novel Outlaws of the Marsh. They began to be familiar with each other and the atmosphere became more active and harmonious. In such a way, Mr. Yu broke the gap between the regions, so that the students could accept and appreciate each other and face the university life bravely.

Freshman Year Begins by Making Determination

From elementary school to high school, our study schedule is always packed and curriculum guided by teachers and parents, while in university with a lot of free time, the twelve-year hardship of studying seems to come to an end. However, this is far from the end of learning. During the night talk, Mr. Yu emphasized the importance of the university’s four years of “determination.” He said: “A person’s pace and mentality are completely different if he has a goal, so I hope that everyone can set a goal as soon as possible. No matter what it is, it will make you work hard to achieve it,” because according to the ancient Chinese sayings: “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Mr. Liang Qichao, China’s great thinker, also wrote in Youth China: “Young people often think about the future...and thinking about the future helps them represent the best hope of future.” For thousands of years, one of the main traits of successful people is determination. When entering the university for the first time, everyone is still young, therefore as suggested by Mr. Yu, we should set a goal, big or small, for ourselves so that we can face the future with hope of becoming successful and valuable people for the society.

Freshmen Year Begins by Studying Efficiently

The ideal image of the university was described thousands of years ago. It is said to be in Raphael’s The School of Athens­­: ­“freedom of thought, vigorous discussion; it is amid Spring and Autumn Annals free expressions, broad mind with tolerance.” In other words, the university is the sacred temple of learning, but how to form a good pattern of studying in the university? During the talk, Mr. Yu led everyone to discuss the differences between college and high school. At the university, students have to learn how to manage time, arrange life, socialize, adapt to the English teaching environment, and make decisions by themselves, because everyone will be an adult who needs to shoulder responsibilities in future. Only by doing this well can the students make a good use of the university resources and learn with ease. In addition to gaining knowledge from the books at university, Diligentia College also teaches students how to conduct themselves. Mr. Yu especially proposed that students should participate more in public welfare activities and cultivate a sound personality from them.


During this Diligentia night talk, Mr. Yu elaborated on the details of the freshman life to help students go through the mental barriers, cultural differences, and academic challenges. He also provided valuable experience for students on how to learn mathematics and English well and improve GPA. Mr. Yu, like every teacher at Diligentia College and every teacher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, is a very trusted “ferryman” to lead us through the sea of learning. It is so lucky that students can learn so much at the beginning of their freshman year.

Students Feedback


As a student with admission scholarship, my GPA is required to be relatively high to maintain the award. But only after listening to Mr. Yu, I realize that it is difficult to get a high GPA, so I will be more cautious and hardworking when it comes to my studying. Of course, stress is also a driving force. With a clear goal, I believe that I will better grasp the pace of university learning. I am very grateful to Mr. Yu and Diligentia College.

Ke Junyu, Class of 2022, Diligentia College


I am a student of Harmonia College, but I am so happy to come to this night talk at Diligentia College. Mr. Yu’s words were a good guidance for the confused freshmen. He predicted the problems we would encounter at the university and provided possible solutions. I hope that I can live up to the expectations of the teachers and the university. Of course, I am hoping that there will be more wonderful activities like this at Diligentia College.

Anonym, Class of 2022, Harmonia College


I am a student from HSS. I have benefited a lot from Mr. Yu’s sharing regarding English learning. There was also some practical knowledge for my future university life. During this night talk, the college brought me the same care with my family. Even being away from home, I can feel the warmth of this big family. This experience makes me very moved, and it will become a motive force for me to go forward.

Anonym, Class of 2022, HSS