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Launch of 2016 Social Practice Project

The university is introducing The Social Practice Project in the approaching summer vacation, all students are eligible to apply.
Project Schedule:
May 2016 – September 2016
2016.05                Project Launch
2016.05-06          Project Application
2016.05-06           Training (TBD)
2016.05-08           Project Operation
2016.08                 Report Submission
2016.09                 Project Assessment
2016.09                 Project Conclusion and Result Presentation
1.Students may apply individually or as a group, the maximum number for one team is 5, the maximum number of teams one student could participate is 2.
2.Destinations of project are preferably on locations close to where the university or the project team members’ home of residence locates.
3. Projects may be funded when proposals were approved. Should no works be done before approval.
4. Funding and expenses claim must follow the relevant university regulations.
5. Projects must be in line with the university Student Off-Campus Activity Health and Safety Policy.
1. Applicants may choose research topics from the social lives and news hotlines according to their own interests.
2. Topics regarding cultural study, new economy, environment issues, aging of population, education and society creativity are preferred.
3. All forms of research methods are accepted.
4. A report, with associated pictures, photos, videos and voice record, about the research topics must be submitted.
Budget plans must be made according to the actual needs of projects, the Maximum funding for each project is 10,000RMB.
1. Applicants must fill out the Application Form and submit to the Office of Student Affairs before 16 May, 2016.
2. Hard copies should be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs at 301 Zhi Ren Building.
3. Word format copies should be send to
4. Formats:
1) Font: Calibri
2) Size: 11
3) Line spacing: 1 – 1.5 lines, tables must not across page and should maintain current setting.
The Office of Student Affairs reserve the final explanation rights to this program.