The University Clinic is collaboratively established by CUHK-Shenzhen and the Shenzhen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, providing a variety of high-quality medical services for faculties and students, such as disease diagnosis and treatment, blood and urine routine testing, electrocardiogram, aerosol inhalation, wound disinfection and dressing changing. It offers medicine treatment with TCM characteristics, including Chinese medicine decoction, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, points bleeding, Chinese medicine paste and so on. It also provides health care consultancy and treatment of common diseases. Testing and physical therapy are available under certain circumstances. Students may use their health insurance cards to receive treatment after they obtain such cards and bind them to the clinic.

Led by Dr. Zhou Xiaoqing, the Clinic has a team of excellent medical workers, who are able to provide bilingual medical service (Chinese/English). Dr. Zhou Xiaoqing (Dean) graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He is master supervisor, chief TCM doctor and academic leader of encephalopathy of BUCM Shenzhen Hospital. He has over 30 years of clinic experience and used to work as full-time health physician for Vice-President of Syria.

Location: Lower Ground Floor of Teaching D, Lower Campus

Operation hours:  8:30 ~ 21:00, Monday to Sunday; 

                                8:30 ~ 17:30, Monday to Sunday (during Students’ summer or winter holidays)

Tel: 0755-84273120

Hotline (24h): 13510913120

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