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Spring Ploughing with President Xu

  • 2017.05.16
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On the morning of April 30, about 50 students accompanied President Yangsheng Xu to visit a Haka town, where they tilled the land and thanked Mother Nature for her generous offering.

Chinese have a tradition to till the land at the onset of spring. It is a rare opportunity to get hands-on experience on ploughing the field with President Xu as most of us have grown up far away from the custom that has sustained us from one generation to another.

President Xu said that it is good to sow seeds of hope for other people, but it is great to help others to materialize their dreams.

Tilling the land is more than physical exertion. It reminds us of how we have survived on this tumultuous planet.

Spring ploughing brings us to the simplest joy that life has to offer.