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UniColour丨Winter with Azure Sky at CUHK-Shenzhen

  • 2019.01.31
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Time suddenly hops from winter solstice to the Christmas day, wrapping us with sweaters over short-sleeved shirts. Azure sky with silver cloud and emerald green landscape, this is how winter looks at CUHK-Shenzhen.


2018 is full of memories of us studying hard and chilling out, battling and partying. We are getting busier with higher requirements on ourselves, having less time to look around at the beautiful scenery on campus while rushing from one classroom to another. But we may look up at the touch of blueness over us, slowing down our steps and refreshing our mind.


The azure is beautiful enough to drive all your anxiety away with the winter breeze unique in this subtropical city. Students sitting by the pond near the library are rewarded with the sky mirrored in the clear water.


The colour in winter is surely a hymn for epiphany, tranquility and pureness, bring both meditation and vitality to this campus.  



Copywriter: Liu Ruobing (2017 SME, Muse)

Photographer: Liu Yezhou (2018 SSE, Harmonia)

                        Ma Tiantai (2017 SSE, Muse)

                        Song Xinyi (2018 HSS, Harmonia)

                        Jia Ruoyi (2018 SME, Muse)